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UpdatedWednesday November 24, 2021 bySan Francisco Youth Baseball League.

Individual Registration SFRPD Registration HAS NOT CHANGED – Individual Registration is for kids who want to play in the SFYBL but are not associated with a team yet. This registration is done individually through San Francisco Recreation and Parks Online. You will need to create a family account there prior to registration.


Team Registration –  SFYBL is moving to an online registration process for INDEPENDENT TEAMS. The 3 basic steps for registering a team in SFYBL are as follows:

1) Coach creates a team in
2) SFYBL activates the team.
3) Parents join the team by creating their own account in SI Play and adding their child to the team roster that was created and named and communicated to them by their child’s coach. Please refer to the registration procedures documents located via the link below for more detailed instructions for using Sports SignUp Play:

Key Dates for INDEPENDENT TEAM Registration:
November 4th, 2021 – Sports SignUp Play is OPEN for coaches to log on to  and “create teams” Code to register a team is: SFYBL2022. Do NOT add coaches or players to this team.

November 15th, 2021 –  Sports SignUp Play OPENS for parents (WHO ALREADY KNOW WHICH TEAM THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ON) to log on to sfybl.sportssignup.comcreate their own account, and add their child to the specific team roster that their child’s coach told them to sign up for. Coaches also add themselves to the team at this time.

December 10th, 2021 – 8:00am – Deadline for Attaining 10 Player Minimum on Sports SignUp Play Roster. Teams without at least 10 players signed up to play on their roster by this date will be dropped from the system. Dropped teams will not be included in the spring game schedule.